Friday, 6 March 2009

evaluation of opening sequence

Evaluation of opening sequence

Our opening sequence is a crime caper and it involves a girl planning to rob a bank. There is many generic conventions that are in our scene and are used in many other typical crime capers. We have shots identifying the scene (the bank) where the main character is targeting. There is various shot types such as standing shots of the area and some zooming shots. Our opening sequence develops these conventions by sticking to a simple and easy to follow story line, which is typical of the crime caper genre, we were influenced by films such as the bank job.
Conventionally in bank robbery films or crime capers there is a strong male lead or an ensemble cast. Our opening sequence does not stick to these conventions and we chose to use a female lead. She is a young girl and of fairly upper class background. This represents gender and makes the female main character seem dominant. This would affect our target audience and make it more appealing to girls.
I think our film would be suited to a smaller studio for distribution because it is in a minimalistic style. Also it would not appeal to a very large audience, as it does not conform to typical crime caper conventions. Regardless of this I think it would still appeal to a different audience and market. It is set in the centre of town. This gives the film an authentic look.
Our film would mainly appeal to everyone over 18 but also as the main character is a female we tried to focus on the older women market. The audience can put themselves in the position of the main character as she is an average person doing something very out of the ordinary and the audience may see her as a role model. There is a point of view shot facing the bank, which shows exactly where the character is facing. This helps the audience get in the characters shoes.
For our opening sequence we used the school cameras and equipment. It was quite difficult to do tracking shots of the characters feet as she was walking. The camera was quite shakey in places. We used quite good props which make the film look more genuine and believable. The editing software was very useful and we managed to get everything in the right place and shots lasted for the right amount of time. For our soundtrack we used garage band. The soundtrack did not last long enough so we had to repeat some of it. This may not work as well with our film but as it is quite short I think it was okay. The style of music we chose conformed to our genre of the crime caper.
We planned our film very differently to how it turned out. The story line slightly changed due to not having the right people to be in the film all at once. We decided to change the setting of our film as we thought it would work better with our new and changed story line. We still kept to the genre but changed slightly what the characters did. There is still a wide range of shots. The animatic that we created helped our planning very well. We used this to help remember what shot types to use and where the film was going to be set. The research on the genre of crime caper was quite helpful, as we did not have much idea of what opening sequences of this genre involved. The mood board we created gave us an insight to what kind of mise en scene and props we would use.
I think our final product was quite successful but could have lasted longer if we could have had the whole cast there at once. This would have helped us to elaborate on our sequence and continue it in the same way we started.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Props for our film.

fake gun
dark clothes
black suit cases/bags
black/dark clothes
near the bank, hsbc.

Monday, 9 February 2009


the first shot is a long shot of a bank, the location of the robbery.
the second shot is a long shot of the town
the third shot is the close up of someone picking up a gun
the next is a medium shot of a girl in front of a miror putting a mask on.
the fith shot is a medium shot of a girl holding a gu in a mirror.
the next is a girl putting a balaclava on in a mirror.
our next shot is a close up of a car boot with brief cases in. the boot is being closed.
our next shot is a medium shot of a car driving away
then we have a close up shot of a car wheel driving away
we then have the back of the car driving away.
the name of the film then comes up on the screen. we dont have our name yet


Thursday, 29 January 2009

analysis of opening sequence

The Bank Job

the bank job opening sequence is very explicit and shows a lot of nudity. we thought this would be inapropriate to put on our blog. the first scene shows people in the sea splashing. this shows they are happy for some reason unknown to the audience. this also establishes characters that will be revealed in more detail later in the film. the music is non diagetic and quite up beat. this creates a feel good atmosphere. this next cuts to a man at a car dealer shop. this is probably one of the main charaters the name of the car shop is shown, the character is established and the setting and year is shown on screen. the name of the film is shown a bit earlier in big dramatic font. then another character is introduced.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

mood board

this is our mood board. for our film we are going to have a girl ino front of a mirror getting ready to rob a bank. there is a picture of a brief case which we will have inside the car boot. we have a bank, the main scene which we will rob. there is a dark jumper. the girls will be wearing dark clothes. tere is a gun and a car boot. the guns will be used for the robbery and the car boot will be shown with the black bag inside it. there will be a close up of a car wheel going away. there is a pile of money which is the stolen money. there is a picture of some people robbing a bank there is a girl with a gun and some tights on her head. we also have some masks which the girls will put on as they are getting ready in the mirror. there is another gun. there is a picture of a number plate. which will be shown in our scene driving away.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Our film

Our film scene

Our film logo comes up on screen and then fades out. Our first shot will be near a bank. It will pan around the town and close in on the bank and then fade out and the music will become fast paced. There will be a close up shot of someone picking up a gun. This will quickly cut to a girl standing in front of a mirror putting a mask on their face. The name of the actress will come up on screen. This will cut to another medium shot of a girl standing in front of a mirror. She will stand there for a while and look into the mirror. The music will stop and the audience will be able to hear her breathing loudly. This will then cut to her putting a mask on her face. The name of the actress will come up on screen. This will next cut to another girl putting a jumper on then putting a mask on in front of another mirror. She then picks up a gun and her name comes up on the screen. This will cut to a car boot with a gloved hand shutting it. There is some sort of cases inside the boot. As the boot shuts, the name of the director comes up on the back of the car and the car drives away. As it drives away the name fades out. There will be a close up of the wheel driving away then the name of the movie will come up.

Film synopsis

There is a group of three girls who are all friends. They are short for cash and have no jobs. They are in debt from leading expensive lifestyles and now are looking for ways to get money fast. The first scene is of them robbing the bank and getting ready to do it. This is our chosen scene. The rest of the film shows how they got in debt and how they planned this robbery. It shows their experiences with various criminals and them doing other jobs for different people and getting in trouble. They successfully rob the bank but don’t give the money to the people they owe it to and in the end drive off planning to live abroad. The final scene is the girls driving off in a car with the money.

micro analysis of 2 opening sequences

the films are all of the same genre.
we are comparing our film against : the bank job and oceans eleven.

Monday, 19 January 2009

New Film

This is our film company logo.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Film Logos.

These are existing logos for different film companies. These represent the company and are very recognisable to the public. People immidiately associate these logos with the film companies. These are played at the begining of films. When we make our logo we will try and use pictures and different styles of font to make our logo recognisable and easy to remember. It musn't be too complicated and something that is easily remembered by the public.

Examples such as Pixar and Paramount are widley recognised logos.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Quantum of Solace opening sequence analysis

In the opening sequence of this film, there are no credits. This is because the credits are shown at the begining of the film before the opening sequence.
The genre of this film becomes quite apparent in the opening sequence. It is fast paced and full of action so we know alot is going to happen. There is guns and a car chase. This shows the genre to be action/adventure. The character James Bond is very recognisable and in this films opening sequence he is shown to be maybe darker and more aggressive than in previous films. The time period is shown through the fast cars they have and the guns. It portrays it in a modern and up to date time period. There is a long distance shot of the scene with the ocean and a mountain. This sets the scene. It continuously cuts from this image zooming in on the target to close ups of James Bonds car going at high speeds. The fast paced car chase indicates a thrilling mood which engages the audience and makes them want to carry on watching. This is also done by having unanswered questions such as 'Who are the people that are trying to kill James Bond?' and 'Why are they doing it?'. The diagetic sound of the car is amplified in order to engage the audience. There is orchestral music at the beginning of the scene which creates suspense. The mise en scene of the car is shown many times. This makes the audience recognise it and it is remembered as James Bond's stereotypical car.

It is important for a film of this genre to have certain conventions:
* pacey music
* fast flicking scenes
*alot of action

Friday, 28 November 2008